Simplify instance registration process

As you know niostreamer has it's rich web control panel.

Since version 0.1.256 Niostreamer support new simple method of registration new instance in web control panel.

When you start niostreamer first time you will see in logs message about instance registration status and link to activate instance:

2021-07-04 15:18:30.143799 info Niostreamer version: 0.1.256
2021-07-04 15:18:30.154345 info [geoip] File /etc/niostreamer/conf.d/GeoLite2-Country.mmdb does not exist. Skipping
2021-07-04 15:18:30.187350 info [geoip] File /etc/niostreamer/conf.d/GeoLite2-ASN.mmdb does not exist. Skipping
2021-07-04 15:18:30.188416 info [http-server] server started:
2021-07-04 15:18:30.188455 info [core] VHost 'http-instance-api' started
2021-07-04 15:18:30.202712 error [saas-manager] Cannot open settings file: bad file descriptor. Ignore.
2021-07-04 15:18:31.147608 info [saas] This instance is not registered.

| To register instance in control panel please follow the steps:
| 1. Log into your account on
| 2. Copy and open this link to activate instance:

2021-07-04 15:20:56.432473 info [saas] Instance has been registered in control panel
2021-07-04 15:21:10.342530 info [saas] First sync received

The only step you should do is to open link in you browser when logged in niostreamer account. Once done the rest of steps will happened automatically:


In few seconds the instance will be activated and you will be redirected to instances page.